Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thursday - Part 3

Continuation of my Thursday last week. Inspired to write this by Karl Van Dusen.

I walked down the hallway, in the D-wing, toward the Canadian & World Studies office. Getting there, I saw three people walking toward the door and realized they were Mr. Elliot, Mellow, and Mr. Graham, long time no see. He’d been on the outdoor ed. Trip for three or so weeks, and I hadn’t seen him in awhile. He was animatedly talking to the other two, who were happy to be in his company again.
“Campbelltrain!” exclaimed Mr. Graham when he saw me. “Nice new shirt.” Thing was, it was great to see him – but I now saw that all three of them had gone out to a fun catching-up lunch, and without me. I hadn’t seen Mr. Graham in a long time, and this included at school because he was so busy. So I felt a little hurt at this.
“What’s that say on your shirt,” they asked. Mr. Graham took a closer look. “ Athletic school! Cool!”
I looked down at the little logo on my shirt. So. They thought that was interesting. I still felt that I wanted to talk to Mr. Graham, catch up. I expressed this to them, and we walked back toward the gym.
We talked mostly about what we’d done over the past few weeks. I took a look at those lockers again as we passed through the foyer, but she wasn’t there. We continued into the gym but soon I was on my own again. Earlier I had had my interview with Ms. Rafuse, about the hypnotist yesterday. After yesterday’s performance a lot of people had labelled me as a sceptic. That was fine. I just didn’t believe in it.
I located Mr. Elliot. I wanted to vent a little about me less-than-good day, but he said come back in ten minutes. I got that. He had a class to get prepared, he was a teacher, so I didn’t bother him.
I went back to the foyer, then turned around and was heading upstairs when I heard a lot of people coming up the stairs below. I looked over and saw what looked like a class. Then for some reason I just decided to go back downstairs.
“Okay, downstairs,” I muttered quietly to myself. I ran down the stairs before the class could reach the top of the stairs below and the door. I got out into the D-wing hallway and scouted a location to just be. I ran and sat on the low wall of the trans-building hallway link, looking maybe inconspicuous, or conspicuous, or both. All I knew that that I was a tired student sitting on the wall, with no interest in anything.
As I somewhat kept watch of who walked by in the class, I saw that girl again. For some reason, all day I'd started to become aware of her whenever she was near. She was walking along the other side, with a friend, talking. She didn’t appear to take any notice of me, but how could I know that looking in the direction she was heading for? I only noticed her after she passed so all I could see was her back. I stayed on the ledge for a little while longer, then wondered into the foyer. That class had gone into the cafeteria. At first I thought it was study hall, seeing as Mr. Mochizuki left the building during lunch. But soon I would realize what they were doing. I brought myself to the benches to sit with more comfort and sat down. Not five minutes later, while I was sitting there, she left the cafeteria.
Looking directly over at my position, she walked quickly to the girl’s bathroom across the foyer.
Gee, I thought. A minute later she emerged from the lavatory, looking right at me again. I was watching her myself of course, but what I saw was her having her complete attention toward me. I would loot up at her to find her already watching me first. After spending maybe ten minutes sitting there, half-expecting for her to walk by again, I got up and decided to check on Mr. Elliot again.
“Justin, I said to come back in ten minutes, not four.”
“Really?” How could it only have been four minutes? It felt a lot longer, like maybe twelve had gone by. “Okay. I’ll come back in six minutes, I hope I’m not interrupting.”
“Thanks CampbellTrain.”
I walked back toward the foyer once again. Standing at the edge of the hallway into the area, she flirted by again, from the cafe to the bathroom. Looking right over where I was. I had my watch in my hand. It said 11:42. Four minutes.
She came out of the bathroom again. Almost instinctively, I brought my hand up in a wave, but she didn’t respond, just kept her eyes on me. Huh. Soon I walked back toward Mr. Elliot’s room when it became 11:46, but I couldn’t get his attention. I wasn’t knocking or barging in. I didn’t want to interrupt. Maybe yeah, it would do better to just knock, but I did fine with my arm, hand, and head waving silently through the window in the door whenever he looked up near my direction. Soon I gave up and went to the C&WS office, where Mr. Mellow was working at a computer. I knocked.
“Hey,” he said tiredly as he opened the door. I could tell he wouldn’t be interested in the tale of my plights.
“Hi. Are you busy? I wanted to talk to you.”
“Yeah, I sort of am,” he said. “What did you want to talk about?”
“Oh, it’s just this day hasn’t gone good for me at all and I wanted to talk about it, get it out.”
“Uh, well, I don’t have the time right now, I’ve got other issues I have to deal with.”
“Okay. I guess this would be part of it then, because I can’t do another thing I wanted or needed to do.”
Soon I departed with Mr. Mellow working on his issues and me quietly walking around. I again went back to the-oh yeah-foyer, where she again walked across to the bathroom. By this time I had realized that the class had been working on plastering masks, and she had to wash her hands or something like that every now and then. As she was busy in the bathroom, I looked around, wondering where I should be next. I decided to walk into the outer foyer, to the front doors. Looking back in, I saw her go by again, and she looked in the normal south direction where I had been standing previously. Hah! Not realizing I was in the opposite direction, she disappeared beyond my vantage point and into the cafeteria.

The whole thing posed this one huge question: Why was that girl so watchful of me, whether I'm present or not? Why this apparent interest in me?

Part 4 Tomorrow

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