Friday, May 29, 2009

Merivale Art Show

Today was a busy day at school, as the annual Merivale Art Show took place in the Cafeteria. Visual art such as drawings, painting, photographs and graphic design paraphernalia were on display, as well as media work on the computers and carpentry displays on the stage. There was a table packed with ceramics.

My art pieces were also in the show. I produced or contributed to as much as eight projects. Most were drawings, two were paintings, and one was a photograph:

"Work of Frustration" and "Lawnchair Potato," my two paintings. "Work of Frustration" was originally supposed to be an aerial painting of Meadowlands Drive, where I used to live, but it proved too complicated and frustrating so I went crazy.

The show went all day, beginning with the Co-op Breakfast, and I spent all day there. At lunch I had a photo shoot with a representative from the Cancer society, Brooke Ruskin, and a few teachers as a follow-up to an article I wrote a little while ago. Fred had his wooden chest up on stage with the rest of the furniture presented, and in the end I ended up staying after school to get some information and quotes for my interview.

I have many other photos but I'll just post them on Flickr. It was an interesting, very freedom-like day.

One of the last big events of the school year.

Top corner is my yearbook cover which made it to second place.

Yeah, one of the last big events. Then I'm gone.

-Justin C.

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