Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dancing the Cafe away and Other Graphic News

Forget the darn ending to that Thursday story, I'm way overdue for it and yet I'm at school without a copy so here's the next bit of news that's overdue instead:

-My first high school dance: I went to my first dance on Friday last week. As I expected, the music was all today - rap, hip hop, dance, etc. So it wasn't something I enjoyed at first. Thing was, I was there by myself, just to enjoy the experience. I have to admit, for the first hour and half or so, I was exceedingly profficient in walking around in a stiff manner, manoevering between people with a fluid-like ease. By 9:30 or so I had loosened up and was performing every jerky body movement I could think of that went with the beat. As a drummer it's not hard for me to pick it out or go with it, so jerk and stomp around I did, if you call that dancing.

-My song writing: I wrote two songs today and yesterday. One's called 'Fredward' and the other's called 'The Moving Problem,' based on her breaking off our 'potential relationship' due to her moving.

-My drum covers: I may have mentioned I now post Madness Drum covers on YouTube. What I do is I play drums to a Madness song and film it, then edit it and upload it to YouTube via my editing software. I've gotten the most comments, ratings (5 star) and shortest amount of time it takes many people to view them on those videos.

-New Madness song Review: Recently I finally went and did my listening to the new Madness songs from their recent Album 'The Liberty of Norton Folgate.' I really like a few of them, but most are just okay and some I don't like at all. Notable songs that I find great are Rainbows, which is uplifting and nice and inspiring, MKII, which sounds beautiful and forlorn, and Bingo, which sounds nice and nostalgic. Other songs that I find okay are Sugar and Spice, That Close, Dust Devil (the big single from the album), NW5, and Idiot Child. Notable songs I don't like are Forever Young (which my friend Duncan actually likes, my god) which sounds a little brooding and down, On The Town, of which I just don't like the sound of, plus the unfamiliar vocals in the chorus, and The Liberty of Norton Folgate, which I just find too long and a little boring.
Critics have praised the album immensely, which is great for the band and I'm happy for them.

-1000th Question: The other day I asked this question on the Madness website and this is what happened:

Mad Drumming

Double Jeopardy!
Category: Madness Drum CoversAnswer: This Canadian teenager from Ottawa spends his spare time often playing drums to this U.K. music group, then uploading the videos to YouTube under the name "CampbellTrain."
Question: Who is Justin Campbell uploading Madness drum cover songs?(Seriously, I do upload them. They've been well recieved, although I can't use the songs in the background unless it's one of the vinyl records I'm playing, as diagetic (background) music should be accepted on YouTube without infringing copyright laws, etc.

And my actual question is if you like them (if you see them), can you please refer them to Mr. Woodgate? Thank you very much.)

Awesome job on MKII and Rainbows, very uplifting and inspiring!One more thing I might want to explain: Yes, I'm happy you managed to find 'synesthesia' on the web, most people can't. In my case sounds, or anything I mentally think of comes across as colors, images, shapes, and forms. When it really made In the City sound so great to me it was because the music produced very plesurable images and thoughts and stuff in my head. Your guitar key-in looked like a nice green blobby line, and Mike's keyboard (not piano) had a rambunctious, random, crazy personality I attributed to it that matched a girl's that I like (she would appear as an image when the keyboard became sygnificant with your guitar). If the tone is slowed down to lower tones the colors become darker, brighter the other way round. Anyway I hope that explains it!
Thank you,


Dear Justin
I have sent this on to Woody very interesting. You are my 1000th reply, so I will send you something as I had planned to do that. Rather, I will get someone to send you somethin but I need you address! all the best Chris

So I should be expecting 'something' from Madness. Or Madness will get someone to send something to me. Wow!!! Totally out of coincidence yeah? I wonder what it will be. I've already sent my address, they should figure it out.

So that's the latest news. I am very late in my English summative also, and the Art show is on Friday. I think I have a driving lesson tomorrow, and a meeting with a few people (including that darn girl, how awkward should that be may I ask??) so I'm pretty busy at the moment.

Expect more news soon.
-Justin C.

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