Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Computer Models

Well, here I am again with a new computer. I got a new one. It didn't work. Then I got another new one and it works so well it is crazy. Plus it came with everything like the new flatscreen.

But here's the big thing: I managed for the first time in eight months to finish a previously impossible model for Google Earth!

This is a retail plaza here in Barrhaven that I've had much trouble trying to upload.
The big problems I encountered were space issues, slow systems, hard modelling feats and computer viruses. Plus my own temper. Yesterday I returned to work on it and got it done in two and a half hours. At exactly 10mb, the size limit for models in the 3D warehouse.
I should note that I have come up with many ideas and methods, such as taking 1MP photos instead of 12, cropping them further to reduce the file size even more, and eliminating as many unused polygons as possible. When I add photo-textures it also gives me more detail to exaggerate, such as columns and sunken-in store fronts and stuff I wouldn't know how to do without the photos to look at.
The major thing I found is that this computer is very smooth. Everything works seemlessly, without any idling or slowness. On the other computer when I added a texture it would slowly inch about when I postioned it instead of gliding with the cursor. It makes the process much quicker.
So I am quite proud of what I'm able to accomplish now and I will be doing many more realistic, detailed models in the future. My will-power to do so has been established again.
All thanks to a computer I got at Wal-Mart.
Now I've got to get to work.

Oh, and happy March Break everyone!


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