Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am NOT Defunct

Wait! I'm here! I'm writing another post, don't go...

I'm a really awful blog writer. I write and forget about it. My aunt isn't any better, but she has legitimate reasons for not posting. I DON'T.

Did I say I am in co-op again? I write articles on school stuff for the Barrhaven Independent. My first two were published this week and it's pretty cool. I will post a photo up later; now I'm at school, with nothing to do after failing to get information from a few people for my next two articles.
The reason I'm taking co-op is this: I need three credits to graduate. Plus just under thirty community service hours. I do not like that. I don't know why the Board of Education implemented that, because it has become an annoying nuisance lurking at the back of my mind.

I've been really busy lately. I got a new computer (thank God) and it works fine. I've been going to all the school events I would normally not go to, to take photos and interview people so I can write an article for it to be published. All part of my co-op placement. But also, my valuable photos have been in lots of different usage as many people need them. For the yearbook. For the paper. For school advertisement, and personal uses including my own: Record keeping.
I've also been busy in English and photography courses. We're developing film now, and reading a memoir in English. Co-op, that's well known.

It's almost March Break. On Friday I hope to do something with a few friends. I'll see my father quite a bit too. It'll be good father-son time because my half-siblings are going to England with my dad's wife.
I'm also on a waitlist for a job, and I've gone through a whole bunch of girls that I've been interested in. They all turned out to have boyfriends anyway.

It's slowly getting warmer. In my experience, March starts off brittle cold, then by March Break the temperatures rise steadily. By the end of March the temperature ranges from -5 degrees to 10 degrees. Then April ranges between 5 to 20 degrees and May has the same range only five degrees warmer. June is perfect, then July and Augest are blistery hot.

Can't wait.
In the meantime the weather is not decided between rain or snow. We'll see. I will post a photo or two later.


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