Friday, January 16, 2009

Up and running...again.

All fixed up. Again.

I'm online. Again.

What's there to happen? Again.

No more delays again. I intend on keeping this up. There's a reason I started this out. It keeps me focused on things. Writing is one thing I like to do. For example, I keep a journal and have done so for several years, updating on a weekly basis.
Yesterday was a good day. I reformated everything (again) and then got the Internet working (you know what I'd say here!). Now I'm open to writing again.
These days, instead of facing the deep-freeze weather I've been home, taking advantage of the remote shooting I can do with my new dSLR. I've made a few interesting time-lapse videos, and my first of a whole day, relatively. It went for eight hours, then my battery died. I need to acquire an adapter for the wall so it could go for hours, days, however long I want.  Then it would be very interesting.

I've got an idea for a future photo blog. My aunt over at Creative Blocks basically posts photos there whenever it's convienient for her. My inspiration for this is a site called [daily dose of imagery], alternately called "WVS," or "topleftpixel." It's run by a sometime photographer based in Toronto who posts a processed photo of something significant (or not) to him once a day (hence the site's name). He's done a few time-lapse videos also, which first drew me to his site. The site began in July of 2003, which I discovered in 2004 when I did a Google image search for timelapse videos. Over time I got interested in the photos and they're really very good. Now I'm interested in doing one of my own, here in Ottawa. Not now of course. I need a source of income, and more camera equipment and software first. But in the future I think it would be cool to have a site called Capital Ottawa Imagery, or COI. It follows the same basic premise of the DDOI site, there's archives, today's photo, that stuff. But the design would be a bit different and all imagery would have to do with Ottawa and its environs. And there'd be a time-lapse video or two on there.
Over time, I hope this can come true.

For now, I have Flickr. And Vimeo and YouTube (if I can ever get things downloaded on there!). So that's my thoughts for now. Expect lots more soon.

-Justin C.

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