Sunday, January 11, 2009

Delayed - Sorry

Very sorry for the very late posts and stuff, I had meant to do a Christmas and new year post and stuff, but my computer does not start anymore and I have not had any access to a computer in a long time with Internet other than school. So here I am at my father's this weekend catching up on things.
There was a few posts about my computer before, and one where my friend and I fixed it. It was alright but it steadily got worse over the months that followed until December 27, when I accidentally shut it down and failed to start up again without flashing a blue screen for the briefest of seconds and restarting. It runs in that loop if I turn it on, starting, flashing, restarting, etc. So I have been quite limited and my life at home has been very boring. Today I caught up on a record amount of emails, 46 unread Google reader feeds, and other stuff. It's been great.
Otherwise I've had a quiet holiday and I've managed to get back to school on Monday. A teacher drove me in and back from Monday until Wednesday when the special school bus system started. Now I get up at half past five AM and ride my bike to the sports centre to catch a school bus at quarter to 7. I leave school early too, at 1:30. It's been great catching up a bit and seeing people again. I also got my prized SLR for Christmas. A Canon Digital Rebel XS 1000D. With an 18-55mm zoom lens. I'll get more over time.
So I am very sorry for no posting or news. Maybe, some day, I'll get that machine fixed (once again) and I'll be alright from there, no more trouble. We also got a 40" flatscreen TV but haven't got the HD running yet.

Happy 2009!

-Justin C.

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