Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bus Ride Magazine Special Issue/TV Formats

This is the new issue of "Bus Ride" Magazine. I did a few back in September and this is a new, special issue I came up with regarding Ottawa's current lack of Transit. I thought it would be a bit funny especially since I had such a good photo of a bus anyway.
The strike still isn't resolved. It won't be for awhile.
In other thoughts, something I saw last night really made me think. A new crime-solving show premiered last night, called Lie to Me, where the main character solves mysteries and crimes by carefully reading the suspect's expressions and body language.
That made me think, every problem-solving show has its own format. Numb3rs uses logistics and math to figure out crimes. House uses logic, analytical thinking and the socratic method to solve diseases and medical mysteries. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation uses forensic and medical science to come up with verdicts. This new show has the dominant character carefully scrutinizing every jitter, muscle tick and crinkle in the person's body language to see whether they're lying or not. He appears to be more eficient than a polygraph test.
So it's interesting seeing how every different problem-solving mystery drama show has its own method of tackling those questions.

Makes you think doesn't it?

-Justin C.

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