Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alright - The red & white of Ottawa's back up and...maintenancing!

That Thursday night was pretty good for me. I made sure to watch the news and right away got the result I was hoping for: No more knocking about between meetings and votes and rumblings and thoughts and expectations: The notorious strike dealing with Ottawa's transit has now been done with. Forced back to work. Dealt with (sort of).
Here's a list of expected routes to be running shortly:

Feb. 1st (Monday): O-Train
Feb. 9th (Monday after that): Some rapid transit routes including 95, 97, etc., and some regular routes like the 86, and school routes (yay for me!)

Those are immediate routes being implemented, and not all of them or the entire service of them will be working, just some of them. The rest of the service will be slowly drafted in over the course of Spring, the latest express routes finally put to work by April, they expect. But it's good for me, as I only need to potentially wait a week or so before I can ride my 675 to school. 
There are also other benefits being considered such as allowing pass holders to continue to use their December passes and giving free rides and such. The city and the bus service are also taking into account the passengers and their frustrations they may take out on the drivers or service operators when they once again get on the bus, so they're planning on starting with having maybe two drivers per bus and anger counsellors at major stations.

All in all it is finally good to have the city's platelets running again. I say "platelets" because the city's blood is its traffic and people, and platelets in the human bloodstream assist in forming scabs and fixing leakages and maintaining arteries/veins so the metaphore works for buses in that they help maintain traffic overflow and crashes by giving people the option of riding them instead of taking their cars and contributing to the traffic snarls and higher risks of crashing and accidents.

Otherwise for me I've just finished my first semester courses and my math exam so next week is the beginning of my new courses. I'll be writing for a Barrhaven newspaper for co-op as well taking the photographs, which will be much better than last year as I sat in a basement office doing the same thing over and over last year. Plus then I have the usual English and photography.

It's the weekend of the Super Bowl - and as usual I have no interest in watching it. Rather, a special Office episode will be on so I'll be watching that instead. It will be interesting because the episode is getting a lot of media attention. Then on Monday I'm starting semester 2.

So there's my thoughts and news for the end of January. You know, I had a dream where I suddenly earned thousands from people clicking the ad at the top. But in reality I've made 4.91 since October and that's all due to my friends and family clicking it for me fifteen times. Really shows how realiable those things are, huh?

-Justin C.

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