Friday, November 7, 2008

Bird's Eye View for Ottawa

Microsoft's Live Search Maps, which is basically Google Maps but better and different-looking, has updated Ottawa with the Bird's eye view feature.

The feature is unique to Microsoft's map browser, it allows one to view low-altitude high-resolution oblique aerial photos. An important thing to note is the aerial perspective is from an oblique angle, not straight down. You can also zoom into the imagery.

The imagery is very clear and close - you can see signs, poles, bus shelters, people, bins, the sides of buildings, flag posts, telephone wires, light posts, etc. For a long time I've wanted Ottawa in there too, so I could see things from a perspective I'd never them before. Now that's possible.

The imagery is also very recent. From what I can tell it was taken this August. And you can look in every direction too.

So far Microsoft has done an exceptionally better job than Google at both the high-resolution aerial photos and the including of Bird's Eye view. Things just keep getting better there.

And this should stop becoming an end-of-week thing, but I'm so busy then I never think about it or come up with a topic before then.

-Justin C.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lots of Candy, no trick-or-treaters

We were late, but, we did it. We got more than several bags of chocolates and candy. Just couldn't find any big boxes of chips.

That turned out fine. 90% of the candy we bought is still sitting in our house.

Last night had maybe twenty visitors to our door asking for the treats. Not a lot of people.

The day was interesting too. When I went to school, lots of people, including quite a bit of my friends, were dressed up in a way. My friend who helped my computer dressed up along with another friend as the Blues Brothers. According to him he was Dan Ackroyd.
Some of the costumes were intellegent or interesting. A couple went around as the two main characters of the film Juno. Someone else pretended to be a pedophile. That person was subsequently thrown out of the costume contest at lunch.

I went as myself.

I haven't been dressed up or went trick-or-treating since I was in my pre-teen years. One of my friends, who was dressed up as some sort of anime character, or milk lady, said it was tragic.
Oh, well. I'm just not big on dressing up. Besides, I have all this leftover candy, well, actually, just this candy, that I didn't even have to go trick-or-treating. Of all the characters on The Office, Jim does as little as possible in the Halloween episodes, putting a name sticker on his shirt and calling himself 'Dave.' In the second season he was 'Three Hole Punch' Jim. He drew three black circles or had gotten a tie with three black circles on it.

Some people really celebrate the night, and some people don't. I just find that I grew out of the whole spirit of the thing, and it seems that way to my neighbourhood; all that candy I have is sitting upstairs.

Nevertheless, happy Halloween and I hope everyone had fun.

-Justin C.