Saturday, October 18, 2008

Monetary Gain

I have a new thing here on my blog, for monetary gain, it's an ad display.

Right now it's just PSAs as I've only started this today. Real ads won't display until perhaps tomorrow or Monday. Maybe sooner.

Let's get that income and revenue coming in!

-Justin C.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Merivale Swimming - Fish in the Pool

Well, I had my very first team meet today.

I had my first swimming meet at the Brewer pool. It was quite small, but there were five other schools. I participated in two different races, though I'm not sure where I placed. In the individual race I know I pulled ahead of someone but I don't know what I placed.

I was almost indifferent. Most people get excited or nervous when going to their first swim meet. For me it was fun, but not something to agonize about or feel pressure for. I'm not very competitive in nature. The girl going ahead of me told me she was very nervous, and I shrugged. When I finished and came up to her at the other side, she was happily grateful she'd finished. Those things really don't intimidate me much. At the very least it's a self esteem-booster and a way to have fun.

But another thing I want to mention is the pointless election we had. The very first I'd heard of it, I thought was that it was held because the Americans were having one. But then I learnt that it was Harper who had called it, and it was apparently because he wanted a majority government, so he could have better control.

I still found it mostly pointless. We ended up with exactly the same results as the last election. I'm a year from being able to vote, and as I see it, I think I found the Liberal leader Dion alright, if he could speak better English and had not been so stubborn about his carbon tax idea. Anything for the environment is great but that idea just right now really sort of fizzled. All the leaders of all the parties sounded alright, though Harper seemed to be getting mixed up in his ideas and platform. And just as we got the exact results as before, also, all incumbent Conservative Ottawa MPs have also been re-elected. The MP in my riding, Pierre Poilievre, got re-elected. I have this personal little joke where I don't like him because he looks ugly. It's not a real issue of course, just a silly joke.

I should't be writing long long posts now and then. More constant short ones would be better.

-Justin C.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Planets

Here's a couple of interesting things I learnt to do with panoramas:

I used this free program called GIMP, which is a freeware program anyone can download and even edit (the program). It much of the same options as Photoshop, though it isn't supposed to be a copy of it. I got the instructions from [daily dose of imagery] and simply did it myself on GIMP after using Autostitch (another freeware program) to stitch together the 360 panoramas.

[Update 2015]: This are incomplete 360 curls - not real 'planets' or stereographics. These were my first attempts at doing such, not having fully followed the instructions I'd linked above to [daily dose of imagery]. You need a 360x180 degree panorama - otherwise known as an equirectangular - to get the full ground or sky in the shot, plus the plugin Flexify to put it into proper stereographic projection (Photoshop or GIMP can do this on their own but you get a 'globed-in' effect that squashes anything protruding from the ground into the sky).

I'm doing much more soon.

-Justin C.

Then & Now

Here is a comparison of what I was writing about earlier. Here is the front of my school in 1963:

Under construction. Now here is one in 2008:
Not much of a difference. The front windows are divided into six rectangular frames now, but before sometime they were only divided into three. That was all.
It can be interesting seeing the difference after 45 years and noticing that the building looks entirely the same but for the window frames and the cars and the grown trees and bushes.
My sincere thanks to the library for letting me at their old yearbook archive and Mr. Elliot for photocopying the requested pages.

-Justin C.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New and Old

Today I got to look through the old high school yearbooks archived at school, starting with 1964.
It is very interesting seeing a building you know or a place you are familiar with 45 years ago in old photos. I looked in the first page of the 1964 yearbook and saw a black and white of the school under construction in 63' as a complicated steel framework. It was still recognizable but for the absence of walls. If I can I will scan it.

Looking through them, though, it was very interesting seeing how exactly the same - just about exactly the same - everything was. We still use the same desks. The same bleachers out back. The same cafeteria tables/benches. Same lockers.

The only differences between then and now were the different hairstyles and dress, and the noticeable wear on school furniture/housing.

It's a good example of something built to last a long time.
I may follow up soon with scanned photos and writings.

-Justin C.  

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hyper Space

Just a drawing I started out of boredom at school, it's not finished yet. But it will be. Will be updated later. Uses a single perspective, a single vanishing point.

Will be updated later.

-Justin C.

Friday, October 3, 2008

All Fixed

Instead of going anywhere or wasting anymore money, my friend Duncan fixed my computer.

He did it in about nine hours. Much shorter than if I'd taken it anywhere, but probably longer than it would have taken the Geek Squad. When he was finally done that, this happened:

It looks different but we're high-fiving.

There are still a few glitches, and again, I have to reinstall everything all over again, but everything is pretty fine now. I can be more frequent here. The only problem is the computer shuts something down if I open something I've minimized for more than ten seconds. It opens and freezes.
But otherwise it was an okay day and kind of fun dealing with this stuff, hanging out in the basement, getting frustrated and happy, anxious and patient. He tried playing my drums and I had to go upstairs to take his lack of coordination there so he couldn't hear me laughing.

More or less the computer is fine again excepting the few problems and missing programs. I've also got Antivirus software installed so it is unlikely to happen again.

-Justin C.