Friday, November 7, 2008

Bird's Eye View for Ottawa

Microsoft's Live Search Maps, which is basically Google Maps but better and different-looking, has updated Ottawa with the Bird's eye view feature.

The feature is unique to Microsoft's map browser, it allows one to view low-altitude high-resolution oblique aerial photos. An important thing to note is the aerial perspective is from an oblique angle, not straight down. You can also zoom into the imagery.

The imagery is very clear and close - you can see signs, poles, bus shelters, people, bins, the sides of buildings, flag posts, telephone wires, light posts, etc. For a long time I've wanted Ottawa in there too, so I could see things from a perspective I'd never them before. Now that's possible.

The imagery is also very recent. From what I can tell it was taken this August. And you can look in every direction too.

So far Microsoft has done an exceptionally better job than Google at both the high-resolution aerial photos and the including of Bird's Eye view. Things just keep getting better there.

And this should stop becoming an end-of-week thing, but I'm so busy then I never think about it or come up with a topic before then.

-Justin C.

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