Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New and Old

Today I got to look through the old high school yearbooks archived at school, starting with 1964.
It is very interesting seeing a building you know or a place you are familiar with 45 years ago in old photos. I looked in the first page of the 1964 yearbook and saw a black and white of the school under construction in 63' as a complicated steel framework. It was still recognizable but for the absence of walls. If I can I will scan it.

Looking through them, though, it was very interesting seeing how exactly the same - just about exactly the same - everything was. We still use the same desks. The same bleachers out back. The same cafeteria tables/benches. Same lockers.

The only differences between then and now were the different hairstyles and dress, and the noticeable wear on school furniture/housing.

It's a good example of something built to last a long time.
I may follow up soon with scanned photos and writings.

-Justin C.  

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