Saturday, October 18, 2008

Monetary Gain

I have a new thing here on my blog, for monetary gain, it's an ad display.

Right now it's just PSAs as I've only started this today. Real ads won't display until perhaps tomorrow or Monday. Maybe sooner.

Let's get that income and revenue coming in!

-Justin C.


mybunnyvalentine said...

Good job Justin! That's the spirit! It's always hard to get your first job. Keep working on it.

Justin S. Campbell said...

Yes, well, I will be getting those resumes out. Adsense's reliability depends on the popularity of the site.
But I made $1.46 today (Wednesday). I told everyone including you and Mr. Mochizuchi (The drama/student services teacher at my school) replied saying he'll get a few thousand clicks in tonight to make me a "chamillionare."