Friday, October 17, 2008

Merivale Swimming - Fish in the Pool

Well, I had my very first team meet today.

I had my first swimming meet at the Brewer pool. It was quite small, but there were five other schools. I participated in two different races, though I'm not sure where I placed. In the individual race I know I pulled ahead of someone but I don't know what I placed.

I was almost indifferent. Most people get excited or nervous when going to their first swim meet. For me it was fun, but not something to agonize about or feel pressure for. I'm not very competitive in nature. The girl going ahead of me told me she was very nervous, and I shrugged. When I finished and came up to her at the other side, she was happily grateful she'd finished. Those things really don't intimidate me much. At the very least it's a self esteem-booster and a way to have fun.

But another thing I want to mention is the pointless election we had. The very first I'd heard of it, I thought was that it was held because the Americans were having one. But then I learnt that it was Harper who had called it, and it was apparently because he wanted a majority government, so he could have better control.

I still found it mostly pointless. We ended up with exactly the same results as the last election. I'm a year from being able to vote, and as I see it, I think I found the Liberal leader Dion alright, if he could speak better English and had not been so stubborn about his carbon tax idea. Anything for the environment is great but that idea just right now really sort of fizzled. All the leaders of all the parties sounded alright, though Harper seemed to be getting mixed up in his ideas and platform. And just as we got the exact results as before, also, all incumbent Conservative Ottawa MPs have also been re-elected. The MP in my riding, Pierre Poilievre, got re-elected. I have this personal little joke where I don't like him because he looks ugly. It's not a real issue of course, just a silly joke.

I should't be writing long long posts now and then. More constant short ones would be better.

-Justin C.

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