Friday, October 3, 2008

All Fixed

Instead of going anywhere or wasting anymore money, my friend Duncan fixed my computer.

He did it in about nine hours. Much shorter than if I'd taken it anywhere, but probably longer than it would have taken the Geek Squad. When he was finally done that, this happened:

It looks different but we're high-fiving.

There are still a few glitches, and again, I have to reinstall everything all over again, but everything is pretty fine now. I can be more frequent here. The only problem is the computer shuts something down if I open something I've minimized for more than ten seconds. It opens and freezes.
But otherwise it was an okay day and kind of fun dealing with this stuff, hanging out in the basement, getting frustrated and happy, anxious and patient. He tried playing my drums and I had to go upstairs to take his lack of coordination there so he couldn't hear me laughing.

More or less the computer is fine again excepting the few problems and missing programs. I've also got Antivirus software installed so it is unlikely to happen again.

-Justin C.

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