Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tests, Clubs, Scanners, etc.

Just got back from the Media blog (I'm a student contributor of the class's blog) and found they were three hours backward in time.

I noted I was really busy this week. After debuting in the camera club today I have to host it next week myself because the teacher's off on a Jewish holiday. But this is moving along here. I got my first response to this project; my aunt is very excited and inspired I've started this. I've told a few other friends, and they're checking it out also.

For today, here's a few things I created out of my own creative thinking (above). I got my inspiration from TV Guide. The one on the top is myself; the one below, my friend Tyler.
The photos were taken on the bus ride home. It's nice to have it in the format of a fake magazine cover. But I don't look that messy in real life.

Days are getting cooler. Every morning's getting darker. Every time span the furnace is off is getting shorter. Winter's on its way and winters tend to be either huge here or almost non-existent. In 2006-2007 we had absolutely no snow until March. This spring we had a snowstorm in March of about 50cm of snow. It almost melted as fast as it came down.

I'm still thinking about scanners. I know I'm getting one. I really need every important drawing, document or photograph as digital data so it doesn't degrade as quickly over time. Natural Resources Canada uses scanners to convert their eighty-year-old aerial photos into digital data so they can't degrade to nothing to be lost forever. I've got the same intent.

So let's get on with it.

-Justin C.

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