Monday, September 22, 2008

Season Premiers

Well, I did say that I will be writing about my interests. So here's one:
This Tursday the season 5 premier of The Office will be airing at 9PM Eastern Standard Time.
It won't be easy to wait for then as I have a darn math test tomorrow (I hate math) to get through and time tends to pass slower when you're waiting anxiously for something, so it will be a great time when it comes. Lots of things to find out and storylines to unravel/continue.
But at least I will be occupied throughout the week. I'm going to be investing in a scanner and my school's football team (The Marauders) are going against Sir Robert Borden on Thursday or Friday (my cousin is in the SRB team - not easy to figure out where my loyalty lies there) and I've other things to worry about (like the math test) so it will be interesting.
Very interesting.

-Justin C.

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