Saturday, September 27, 2008

Went to a Football Game

Yesterday I went to my first football game.
It is true I have not ever gone to a football game before at all. This time wasn't big. It was a simple game between my school and my cousin's school.

Merivale against Sir Robert Borden.

I only went at all to witness my cousin take on my school's team. After waiting almost two hours after school I eventually found out he actually wasn't playing due to a football-related injury. He instead sat on the opposite side of the field, spectating.
I found that watching a football game is actually kind of boring and goes on forever. It just looked like a lot of people tacking and piling on each other violently. I didn't really feel the adrenaline or see too much of the meaning behind the players' moves and actions. I had to take photos for the event but I only stayed an hour as I wanted to leave with my aunt and other cousin who'd come to watch her brother on the team not play.

When we left, Borden was ahead by 24 points.

The only thing here is, when other teachers found that I was photographing the event, they got the idea I could to the same for any other event, like Field Hockey on Monday.

I hope not to become a sports photographer. While I do like action shots, I am bored by the whole event itself and I prefer the short one bus ride home than the longer two buses.

Maybe I can charge money...

Nah. It's really for the school. I would like by next year to have my own vehicle so I don't have to worry about buses and routes and stuff and I can just go home myself. Then everything would be fine.
Until then, everything is as it is.

-Justin C.

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