Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aerial Scan

Well I got my scanner. It works quite well. It's a Cannon CanoScan 4400F, with up to 1200 dpi quality. I have some very urgent old damaged things to scan before they're further damaged or ruined by time/foolishness. My aerial photo, above, is an example. It is of of the Strandherd area of Barrhaven, c.2002.

What's also interesting here is I did something I don't usually do ever: I joined a team at school.
It's easy to see now that it's starting off as a busy year for me. Lots of scanning. Being in a club, on a team. This is almost all new to me as I typically never have anything to do, and it's welcoming.

-Justin C.

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mybunnyvalentine said...

Hey Justin. What team did you join in Ottawa? Aunt Roshell